Daria DiCieli has just won my heart and a place of honor in my wardrobe. @daria_dicieli creates the MOST beautiful handcrafted silk scarves on the planet. Each one has a theme and each one is infused with an energy that is indescribably luxurious. She flawlessly blends fashion with self-care and, ladies, if you make one accessory buy this season it MUST be one of her scarves. Wearing one of her scarves is like wearing the life you are manifesting now!~ Elegant Alchemy/www.elegantalchemy.com

Invitation to Paradise Gardens where dreams and reality are one

Inspired to create silk scarves to empower women to be in love with themselves, their femininity and sensuality. Be immersed in paradise gardens, desserts, champagne and love.

Daria DiCieli silk scarves uplift and inspire women from all over the world. These scarfs have secret messages that nurture sacred places in our hearts.

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Chic Morning Rituals that will infuse your heart with love, miracles and glow

Your transformation begins every morning when you wake up. By fully embracing yourself as a woman, connecting with your divine feminine and opening up to the infinite possibilities, your life will be magically transformed.

Apply one of 7 Chic Morning Rituals or all of them in your morning routine and see big shifts taking place right away.


Be empowered and inspired

This is where everything happens, behind the scenes… Your dreams matter and this is the place to be filled with encouragement to love who you are and embrace yourself fully.

Magic is everywhere, all you need is open your heart and be filled with glorious inspiration, beauty, encouragement.

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Indulge being YOU, be surrounded by strawberries, champagne, gourmand desserts and beauty.