Daria DiCieli is a chic silk scarf brand with the mission to inspire and empower women around the world to embrace their uniqueness, unconditionally fall in love with who they are and savor the sweetness of life.

The truth is…

There is magic in savoring the little joys of life

You are beautiful just the way you are

Your dreams matter

You are enough

You are unique and like noone else for a reason

You are magical

You are on a journey

Your time to live is now

It’s your time to spread your wings and fly

My name is Daria, I’m the founder of Daria DiCieli (Silk Scarf Brand) and Miss Chic n’ Beautiful (Chic Branding for Women Entrepreneurs). For years, like many women I wanted to live a chic magical life but had no idea how to get there, I was terrified of not having enough money, of not being confident enough, of not being good enough, the list goes on and on.

After traveling around the world, watching Eat Pray Love (love that movie), I looked at my life in a completely new way — I needed change. I knew that I had to change the way I think, the way I live, the way I look at myself and feel about who I am. I needed to change my perspective and learn to slow down – savor every day.

I needed reminders, encouragement, empowerment to step into the magical life I wanted — as so many women do!

I wanted to embrace myself fully, to spread my wings and be that woman that I was made to be.

So I decided to write empowering messages and place them all round my house, then… two years later these messages turned into silk scarves with empowering reminders, messages that would lift me up, make me feel as a treasure no matter where I was and what I was doing.

I realized that when I was wearing those scarves, they helped me to believe, to embrace myself. It felt like I had superpowers every time I put the scarf on. My mindset started to transform. I started to change and everything around me. Now, it feels heavenly to be aligned with who I am (and I’m still in the process of getting there deeper and deeper), being connected and feeling limitless. There are no limits, all you need is to believe that you can and be open to receive.

Now, my mission is to inspire and uplift YOU, to uplevel you to arise and shine, to believe how beautiful and powerful you are. We all need a reminder, an inspiration to follow our dreams and this is what Daria DiCieli is about.
Every scarf is a world of dreams where you can step in and become part of it. I hope that Daria DiCieli scarves help you on your journey to achieve your biggest dreams. Every Daria DiCieli scarf is handcrafted in Italy with the highest quality and care. It’s a treat for your soul.
Daria DiCieli has just won my heart and a place of honor in my wardrobe. @daria_dicieli creates the MOST beautiful handcrafted silk scarves on the planet. Each one has a theme and each one is infused with an energy that is indescribably luxurious. She flawlessly blends fashion with #selfcare and, ladies, if you make one accessory buy this season it MUST be one of her scarves. Wearing one of her scarves is like wearing the life you are manifesting now!⠀
~ Elegant Alchemy/www.elegantalchemy.com

Visit http://www.misschicnbeautiful.com for Daria’s custom branding work for women entrepreneurs.


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